Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nearly There

Well, next month I will be 39 years old. I have been divorced for over two years and must say that although I love my girls (teenagers), that I miss having someone in my life with which to do things with on occasion.  I am not sure if marriage is an idea that I would contemplate over again but nothing is impossible.
So, with that being said... I live in a small rural town approximately an hour from our state capital.  This provides a great escape and allows the option of going there to in order to keep my personal life somewhat "hidden" from the probing eyes of the small town.  I did not grow up in this small town but I work in the education field, therefore somewhat in the public's eye. 
Although this is a great option, the question arises as to how to meet normal people that I can find compatabile interests with and meet up for dating purposes.
Turning 39 and spending many weekends alone, I find myself wondering how does one in a similar situation FIND or MEET people? Well, I have decided to attempt the online dating venue.  The first venture was  I tried for approximately one month.  I emailed and texted about ten individuals and found myself not too happy with the results.  Living so far from the city's dating scene I tend to rely heavily on the advances of technology to assist in the "getting to know one another" phase of the dating process.  Texting was a key issue.  If you didn't text, well then, more than likely our communication fizzled away relatively soon. 
My next posting will discuss my adventurous attempt at dating a younger man ( 32 versus my 38).  I will call him Bud. Bud was a bust but wouldn't necessarily toss out the idea of dating a younger guy (after all my Lunch Bunch was sure it was the way for a single gal to go)!

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